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WPA / WPA 2 Wifi Vulnerability Found - Critical IT Security

A vulnerability has been found in devices using WPA / WPA 2 wifi security which can be used to decrypt secure connections to devices such as your mobile phone, tablet, laptop and desktop machines.

KRACK – Key Reinstallation attacks allow hackers to read sensitive information that has been sent over secure Wifi.  This information can include Credit Card Numbers, Passwords, Chat Messages, Emails, Photos etc. 

The vulnerability also has the potential for malware and ransomware to be exploited and sent across the network to infect devices.

Unfortunately, the security vulnerability seems to have affected most, if not all of the main stream manufacturers including Apple, Windows, Linux, Android and the majority of router, networking manufacturers.

The manufacturers have released, or are in the process of releasing urgent software updates to address the problem through software patches and firmware updates.

Some devices will be updated automatically, whilst others may prompt to inform the user that an update is available for download



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We have already begun the process to update the firmware and software for our clients that could be affected and will continue to do so as and when the appropriate software has been released.  Priority has been given to routers, wifi access points and mobile devices

If you require assistance with upgrading your wifi security or are concerned that your organisation may be vulnerable, please get in touch immediately.

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