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Proactive Maintenance & Remote Monitoring

Through our Proactive Maintenance program, we are able to monitor and resolve and issues within seconds of them occurring, usually without the need to interrupt the customer.  Much of our Proactive Maintenance is done out of hours, especially when this comes to server management, updates and patching.

Proactive Maintenance – Improves Reliability:

  • Patch Management – Server and Device Patch Management help to keep the devices up to date with latest service packs and security.
  • Proactive Fixes – When an issue is identified, Computer Rescue will resolve the issue quickly, often before the user is even aware.
  • Peace of mind – With 24/7/365 monitoring, you can rest assured that your IT systems and infrastructure are in safe hands.

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Proactive Maintenance and Remote Monitoring are all part of the service with Computer Rescue.  When a client takes out an IT Support contract with us, we set and configure remote monitoring solutions across the IT Network, Workstations and Servers.  This monitoring solution is non-intrusive to the user and allows us to update and maintenance the clients’ systems without causing disruption and downtime.  The monitoring solution is comprehensive and keeps automated checks on both the hardware and the infrastructure, alerting us immediately should a problem arise.

Our Proactive Maintenance solution allows for Computer Rescue to regularly update software and IT security patches for all PC’s Laptop’s, Servers and Communications equipment,  ensuring that all systems are up to date, and most importantly, all IT security measures are current.  Proactive Maintenance also includes updates and patching of software solutions.  These include Antivirus, Anti Malware, Cyber Security updates, Firmware upgrades and drivers.

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