Who in your organisation is going to take the hackers bait?

Protecting your business from phishing attacks is a priority for businesses of all sizes. And for good reason! According to Wombat Security, nearly 80% of businesses report being a victim of a phishing attack in the last year.

Hackers are always on the hunt for the next great phishing trophy to hang on their wall of fame. Who in your organisation is going to be the one to take the bait?

Learn more about the bait and tactics hackers use to phish for trophies in different departments within your organisation in our “Don’t Be the Next Trophy on the Hacker’s Wall” eBook today!

People keep clicking the links and downloading the files, so why would the hackers stop sending them?

Hackers are on the hunt for their next big trophy phishing catch, and they’re waiting for you to take the bait.

This eBook covers the top targets that hackers have in their sights, the bait and tactics they use to catch them and the defensive solutions you need to have in place to protect your employees and customers.

The truth is that the prevalence of phishing emails is for one simple reason – they work.

You’ll discover:

  • How Phishing Scams Work
  • The Hacker’s Favourite Phishing Lures
  • Who in your organisation are the top targets for Phishing?
  • How to keep off the Hacker’s Phishing hook.
  • And more!

Our company was subjected to a Cyber attack which encrypted our entire server, the perpetrator gaining access through our remote log-in. We thought we had good security in place and were shocked when this happened.

Following the advice from Computer Rescue over the years it was clear that the support and backup systems we had in place had probably saved our business as within two days Computer Rescue had restored everything and we were able to continue trading. Without our data this would have been very unlikely.

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