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Cyber WatchCyber Security Solution

Cyber Watch & Protect designed to keep a close eye on your network and data

Cyber Watch & Protect Keeps a close eye on the security of your data

Every day, more and more Cyber attacks occur, especially targeting small and medium sized businesses.  Simply having antivirus in place is no longer good enough.

Cyber Watch & Protect is a dedicated Security Service from Computer Rescue designed to watch over your networks and data 24/7.  Set apart from general IT Support, our Security division is on hand to test, monitor, protect and react should any cyber vulnerabilities be found on your network.

Some of the services that our dedicated Security Team will administer:

Email Phishing Security
Scheduled Security Assessments
Vulnerability Testing
Security Policies
365 Email Security
AV & Malware Monitoring
Dark Web Scanning
Mobile Device BYOD Polices
Security Patch Updates
Web Content Filtering
Rescue Vault Monitoring
Password Polices

  • Regular Cyber Threat Awareness Alerts
  • Password Safety
  • Internet Protection & Secure Polices
  • Additional Email Protection & Security
  • Proactive Preventative Measures

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The growth and sophistication of cyber criminals, ransomware and hacker attacks has reached epic levels, and NEW protections are now required.  Contact us today about this dedicated security service.

Simply having Antivirus in place is no longer good enough,

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