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Cloud Computing has been transforming the way that small – medium sized business have worked for sometime. Offering the ability to work anywhere, with any device. Business Continuity solutions in case of disaster, malicious actions or human error.  Office 365 with popular Microsoft office solutions available across an ever increasing range of devices and with more and more focus on team collaboration. Or simply as a cost saving exercise with minimal or zero capital expenditure on traditional onsite/on premise servers.

  • Managed Solution – Cloud is managed for you – no need to worry about cloud hardware
  • Always On – Cloud access is provided 24/7/365 there to use when you need it
  • Secure – Cyber security has never been important.  Cloud computing offers a secure solution
  • Cost Saving – No capital expenditure, choice of public, private or hybrid cloud.
  • Scalable – No need to worry about adding additional processing power or storage at short notice.  Cloud is extremely scalable.
  • Utility – Same as Gas, Water, Electricity. With Cloud Computing you simply pay for what you use.

Same as Gas, Water, Electricity – With Cloud Computing you simply pay for what you use.

Thinking of moving to The Cloud? We can help!! We are offering a complimentary Cloud Readiness Assessment for your business together with a FREE Critical Facts About The Cloud Report which will help you to decide the best route for your business.  Inside you’ll discover…

  • What Cloud Computing is and why you should use it.
  • The Pros and Cons of using The Cloud.
  • The various types of Cloud Computing options that are available to you (There is more than just one).
  • Cloud FAQ
  • What questions you need to ask your IT pro before letting them “sell” you on moving all or part of your network and applications to the cloud.
  • Invitation for you to request a Free Cloud Readiness Assessment to determine if cloud computing is right for you.

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