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Client: Accountancy Firm (Name Withheld – GDPR)
Industry: Accounting
Services: IT Support, Cyber Security, Backup & DR


  • Successful ransomware encryption on server containing financial records of all clients.
  • Source of infection and type of encryption identified within a couple of hours.
  • Due to the nature of the encryption, no decryption algorithm was available.


  • All data successfully restored from backups with minimal data loss as attack occurred after nightly backup had completed.
  • Security increased on the server to include password lockout policies, minimum, and maximum password expiries, and complexity.
  • Implementation of monitoring within the backup software to alert for possible ransomware attempts.
  • Provide information to the Kent Cyber Crime team to aid in their criminal investigation.

Phishing Attempts

  • Director was the target of numerous spear-phishing attempts, some that were successful.
  • After identifying the location of the source of the attack, extra security was placed on the user’s Office 365 account to minimise the risks.
  • These included 2 factor authentication (2FA) on the Office 365 account, blocking of the top-level domain from sending to the company (the originating IP address of the sender was Brazil) and targeted phishing campaigns to identify if any other staff were vulnerable.
  • Cyber Security Training given to improve the overall security posture of the firm.


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