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Oriens Aviation, the exclusive Pilatus distributor for the British Isles, was founded by Edwin Brenninkmeyer, an experienced aircraft owner and pilot, with a passion for flying, quality, value and exceptional customer service.

Client: Oriens Aviation
Industry: Aviation
Services: IT Support, Cyber Security, Server Upgrade, Infrastructure


  • Older, outdated infrastructure and servers.
  • Bespoke Setup required for specialist software – Aerotrak.
  • Access to Line of Business applications, Data folders, and Email.
  • A requirement for remote out of office users to access software and databases.
  • Clients unable to access full resources.



  • New server installed carrying 2 x Virtual Machines, 1x Controller and 1x SQL Server.
  • Aerotrak application is now accessible throughout office network and remote users.
  • Clients able to access database from anywhere in the world.
  • Installed Terminal Services to handle remote user traffic.
  • Greater WiFi access to include the apron in front of the hangar to enable pilots and crew access to internet services and databases.
  • Reappointed the internet provider to ensure that internet speeds were increased.
  • Shared occupants able to share internet resources, however zero access to databases or client services.


  • Overall speed and performance of the network greatly improved.
  • Overall efficiency increased and productivity maximised.
  • Fast internet access for all users.
  • Overall network security increased.
  • Internet cyber security upgraded and configured to improve overall security.
  • Wifi connectivity greatly improved throughout the building(s)
  • Solid server infrastructure with daily offsite cloud backups for disaster recovery.
  • Reconfiguration of the server and resources allowing users to access critical Line of Business applications without the need to use Remote Desktop, therefore increasing speed and performance throughout.
  • Minimal downtime experienced throughout.


Established in 2005 and with extensive experience in IT Support, IT Security and Cyber Security. Computer Rescue offer fast response IT Support for the aviation industry with between 5 and 100 users. Please click here to find out about our FREE Cyber Security Assessment