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An EASA and MAA approved organisation which has been serving the aviation industry since the turn of the millennium. During this period of time, they have built up a second to none reputation in Aircraft Maintenance and Continuing Air Worthiness, primarily on specialist BAe 146 aircraft, such as the Atmospheric Research Aircraft and Corporate / VIP operations, as well as corporate jet aircraft of various sizes.

Client: AV Aero
Industry: Aviation
Services: IT Support, Cyber Security, Server Upgrade, Infrastructure


  • Older, outdated infrastructure and servers running Hyper-V and a virtual terminal server located at an office 1 1/2 hours away from the main centre.
  • 30 + users connecting via remote connection over a slow internet connection.
  • Access to Line of Business applications, Data folders, and Email.
  • 3 internet connections available, 2 of which were configured as load balancing: Approx 12mb down and 2mb up.
  • Poor WiFi connectivity at the main office with poor internet access throughout.



  • Due to an increase in output, the old server was relocated to a sub-office where the bulk of the users are located and the new server was installed there.
  • This allowed a decrease in RDP licenses to be migrated/purchased
  • New 100/100mb fibre lease line installed
  • Full cabling uplift to allow for expansion of the user base within the office. Installation of a new network cabinet on the opposite side of the building with 48 available networking ports.
  • Managed switch solution to improve on the security of the network
  • Installation of 6 PoE access points around the building to improve the WiFi connectivity. Staff and guest networks set up to segregate these users from the corporate network.
  • Reconfiguration of users within the sub-office to access server resources and LOB applications locally without the need to use an RDP to the TS.
  • LAN-to-LAN VPN set up between Head office and sub-office for access to server resources and LOB applications with a RDP connection via external IP as a backup.


  • Overall speed and performance of the network greatly improved.
  • Overall efficiency increased and productivity maximised.
  • Fast internet access for all users.
  • Overall network security increased.
  • Internet cyber security upgraded and configured to improve overall security.
  • Wifi connectivity greatly improved throughout the building(s)
  • Staff and guest networks set up independently.
  • Reconfiguration of the server and resources allowing users to access critical Line of Business applications without the need to use Remote Desktop, therefore increasing speed and performance throughout.
  • LAN-LAN tunnel(s) set up between offices to allow external users to access the server resources and LOB applications through RDP to the Terminal Server.
  • Minimal downtime experienced throughout.


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