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Client: Lesco
Industry: ECommerce
Services: IT Support, Cyber Security, Backup & DR


  • 2 servers running Server 2008 standard.
  • 1st server was DC and file server.
  • 2nd server housing accounts software that was compromised with ransomware encryption and cannot currently be decrypted.
  • 15 years-worth of accounting data stored on it.
  • Poor security stance throughout with extremely simple passwords.
  • Anti-virus was a mixture of products, a lot were expired and not updated.
  • Windows updates were not applied to servers.
  • The backup solution was non-existent / poor.


  • Consolidate both servers with a single server running Server 2016 Essentials.
  • Migration of accounts package to an online service and decommission of the 2nd server.
  • Increased password security and implementation of group policy to control all aspects of passwords (lockout , min / max age, min length, complexity etc).
  • Installation of standardised anti-virus package that is centrally controlled and monitored.
  • Monthly server and bi-weekly desktop security updates.
  • On-site backup of the server (bare metal) and cloud backup of corporate data.


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