Cyber Attack

Cyber Attack: Ever wanted to know just how easily your business can be hacked?

The following 3 Cyber Attack videos will shock you.

Small and Medium businesses are threatened every single day by cyber attack. Hackers trying to compromise your IT systems, steal your passwords or hold your data to ransom.  With an entire arsenal of automatic tools, cyber attacks aimed at businesses across Kent are executed in minutes.

We asked a certified ethical hacker to show us just how easy it’s done, using 3 different methods of cyber attack.  We asked him to film end to end, both as the hacker and the victim to show just how easy a cyber attack can happen.

What comes next, is rarely captured on video……

The first cyber attack is a ransomware attack. The hacker compromises your system and encrypts all of the data across the IT network.

Next, it’s the turn of a fake login portal cyber attack to entice you to give up your login details…..

Finally, the hacker reveals why you should always have up to date software on your all of your IT systems.

These cyber attack infiltrations are happening all of the time and with increasing frequency. It’s incredibly scary to see just how easy these cyber attacks can happen, and just what the consequences are.

Here are some questions that you need to be able to answer in your business:

Do you know just how easy it is for a hacker to break into your IT systems and hold them to ransom?

Are you confident that your business has the right team, software, and employee training in place to protect your IT networks?

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We have been using Computer Rescue for a number of years and find them efficient and helpful. When we did have a cyber attack issue their skilled staff helped us to resolve the issues quickly. The backup procedures they had recommended were key in getting the business back running again. Their comprehensive monitoring services and skilled staff help us to stay safe as a business.

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The engineers at Computer Rescue are always so polite, very knowledgeable, professional and hard working in resolving any problems we have in a timely manner. Other members of staff are also always helpful and very polite, and if we have any problems, we can always speak directly to an engineer. We have moved office premises twice and Computer Rescue handled both of these moves without any hiccups and no office down time.

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