Welcome to our FREE working from home resources page.  A wealth of information helping to ensure that when working from home, you are safe and secure online.

Employee-WFH-Checklist_WL- Computer Rescue
51 Ways To Prevent Cyber Attacks

Use this checklist when setting up your home office to create a safe and secure working environment

Remote-Work-Infographic- Computer Rescue
Do's and Don'ts of Remote Working

Working remotely has many benefits, but can also create many cybersecurity risks.  Here is a handy list of Do’s and Don’ts to help you protect yourself whilst online

Guidelines & Tips for Employees Working Remotely
Remote Working Tips and Guidelines

Tips and guidelines to have in place when working remotely.

Remote Work Policy- Computer Rescue
Editable Remote Working Policy Template

The purpose of this policy is to address vulnerabilities associated with staff working remotely. The goal of this policy is to provide a safe and functional work environment that will allow staff to work remotely.

Cyber Security When WFH - Computer Rescue
Cyber Security When Working From Home or Remotely

When working from home or remotely, its often the case that we relax our IT Security and Cyber Security fears as we are not in our normal office environment.  This e-book helps to identify the issues that will keep you safer online.