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Working from home or remotely from the office has sadly become a necessity for most us in these trying times.
We have put together a series of FREE resources to help you to work away from the office.

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20 tips working from home

20 Top Tips for Working Remotely

20 Top Tips for Working Remotely Working remotely, whether short-term or permanent comes with many perks, but it also poses many new risks for the security of your organisation’s data. For example, if an employee-owned device (laptop, PC, etc.) is connected to the company’s network and contains a virus or malware, they could be spread to your company’s network. Additionally, it becomes more of a challenge to verify the legitimacy of emails (for example, you’re no longer sitting beside someone who can verify the email), you may be unfamiliar with policies and procedures as they pertain to a work from home environment, and the list goes on. Here is a list of guidelines and tips to assist you as you prepare to work from home in a safe, functional work environment. Note, this list is intended for guidance and information purposes only. If you have any questions regarding these tips, please reach out to us for additional information. Guidelines & Tips Secure workspace ...
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Hacking Attempts - Computer Rescue IT Security

Cyber Aware – Lockdown Attacks

In light of the NSCS recent Cyber Aware campaign, in which the UK Government is offering advice on how to stay safe online during the Coronavirus pandemic.  In this post, we highlight some of the latest figures for Computer Rescue highlighting the ever-growing problem, during Cyber aware week. Since lockdown began 4 weeks ago, there has been a massive surge in the number of hacking attack attempts from rogue IP addresses across the world.  All trying desperately to hack into your workstation or take over your server, hold you to ransom and cause complete havoc in a time, when, quite frankly, we could all do with a break from worry. These attempts to circumvent your cybersecurity are not new, however during a time when we are all online that little bit more and using things like social media to kill time and catch up on the latest news.  The opportunity for you to accidentally click a link, use the same password or forget to backup your data is extreme. The latest Cyber Aware c...
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Working Remotely Computer Rescue IT Support, Cyber Security Kent

When Working Remotely. Who can see my files and what I am doing on the screen?

As with most things within IT, each answer is different depending on how you are doing each action. In this case, the answer will vary depending on how you are working remotely and what method you are using to remote in. When working remotely, there are multiple options to choose from, however, we will focus on the most used. These tend to be the traditional RDP (remote desktop protocol) with a remote connection through a secure VPN (Virtual Private Network) or more utilising a 3rd party software application such as TeamViewer or Logmein. Both of which provide remote access securely and simply. So how do they work? When you set up a remote connection through RDP you are connecting remotely, usually to either a client computer (PC, Laptop, etc.) or you are setting up a remote session direct to a file server. With an RDP/VPN connection into the office, in most cases, once the connection is active, you will be able to access and save your work to the same work locations on the comput...
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