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Who Breached This Week? 05/02/20 – 11/02/20

United Kingdom – Tissue Regenix

Exploit: Malware attack
Tissue Regenix: Medical technology company

twib-severe Risk to Small Business: 1.888 = Severe: A malware attack forced Tissue Regenix to take its systems offline, which negatively impacted its short-term production capacity. Tissue Regenix hired cybersecurity experts to eradicate the malware, but the immediate financial repercussions were immense. The company’s shares dropped by 22% after the announcement. Researchers believe that the malware entered their network through a third-party, highlighting the importance of a 360-degree defensive posture that accounts for all possible risks.

Individual Risk: No personal information was compromised in the breach,


Customers Impacted: Unknown
How it Could Affect Your Customers’ Business: There are many ways that a data breach can impact a company’s financial outlook. In this case, the impact was immediate and intense. For businesses grappling with the cost of data security measures, this episode is a reminder that the cost of inaction can far exceed those of an effective cybersecurity strategy.

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United Kingdom – Dundee College

Exploit: Ransomware
Dundee College: Academic and research institution

twib-severe Risk to Small Business: 1.666 = Severe: A ransomware attack disabled Dundee College’s entire IT infrastructure, canceling classes and requiring thousands of students to reset their account credentials. Currently, the outage has lasted more than a week, and it includes access to student records, educational material, and online learning portals. The event takes place at a critical time for the school, as they are conducting interviews for future students. In addition, the incredible recovery cost and reputational damage will facilitate a serious blowback to the college’s financial viability.
extreme gauge Individual Risk: 2 = Severe: At this time, it’s unclear if personal data was compromised in the ransomware attack. However, Dundee College requires all students to reset their passwords before accessing their school accounts.


Customers Impacted: 5,000
How it Could Affect Your Customers’ Business: Ransomware attacks come with a litany of consequences, ranging from reputational damage to regulatory penalties and lost business. At the same time, cybercriminals are increasingly taking their attacks a step further by stealing company data before they encrypt it, increasing the impetus for companies to develop a comprehensive response strategy. Identifying compromised data and its whereabouts on the Dark Web or hacker forums is an excellent place to start.

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