What to expect to pay for IT support
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What to Expect To Pay for IT Support and Cyber Security Services in the UK

What to expect to pay for outsourced IT Support and Cyber Security Services

The cost of outsourced IT support can vary considerably based on the level of service that you require and what is being covered.  Let’s take a look into the “typical” IT Support costs that you are likely to come across.

Pay As You Go (PAYG)

These are ad-hoc IT support services and are usually charged on an hourly basis.  Remote or onsite support, PAYG IT services rarely come with any documented response times.  In terms of costs, most IT support companies will charge around £75 per hour for these services, although often, if remote support is required then £35 per hour appears to be the norm.

With PAYG IT support, you sometimes get the option to block buy hours, where you will purchase a set amount of time in advance, 10 hours for example, and use those over a certain time period.  Block Buying hours, although an older way of allocating IT Support, will often come at a discounted rate as the IT support company has guaranteed business with you.

Of course, PAYG IT Support brings with it, its own problems.  On the face of it, the smaller hourly rate is often more desirable than a larger monthly bill for Managed IT Support Services, however, it can be a double-edged sword.  Although appearing to be cheaper in the short term, PAYG is simply a “fix” to a problem that has occurred.  As there is no ongoing maintenance or monitoring as part of PAYG, there is no reason that the same issue may occur again down the road, or that multiple issues continue to happen time and time again, of course with PAYG you will pay out each time to have the problems resolved.

In the majority of cases, PAYG IT Support is usually reserved for companies that either have single projects that they wish to have completed, ie a network cabinet installed, have full time IT staff already and just need assistance with a particular issue or use it in conjunction with a purchase, such as new hardware which will be required to be installed.

Managed IT Support

This is outsourced, contracted IT Support and Maintenance.  Again, Managed Services will cover both onsite and remote support, however, the difference here than with PAYG is that your network is monitored and proactive support is in effect, rather than reactive.  Oftentimes it’s the case that a Managed IT Support company will “Fix” your IT problem and then let you know that you had one in the first place.  As networks are monitored and maintained by the IT Support company it is in their interest to keep your systems running as smoothly as they can at all times.

Managed IT Support also comes with Service Level Agreements (SLA) which document things like response times and guarantees.  The SLA will also cover information relating to the services that the Managed Service Provider (MSP) is contractually obliged to do.  Such as check your backup has worked overnight, ensure that your anti virus / endpoint security is up to date and running correctly and ensure that your devices are updated and patched when required.

Managed Service IT Support is usually based on different IT Support service levels, often Bronze, Silver and Gold agreements.  With each level comes additional support and service, with most IT Support companies offering an “all you can eat” or premium version of their IT Support services which will usually incorporate a fixed fee for all services.  Be mindful, however, in most cases even premium contracts will still require you to pay for additional extra services such as cloud backup, antivirus, hardware purchases and some out of hours call out charges.

So to costs, well, each one is different.  Together with the Bronze, Silver and Gold tier of support, the majority of Managed Service Providers will charge based on the number of devices (PCs/Laptops) that they are supporting.  Usually, peripherals, printers, switches etc are included in the cost.  A typical price for IT Support on a Managed Service contract is £300.  However, this will vary depending on what is being looked after.

Additionally, more and more Managed Service Providers are now set up as Managed Security Service Providers and charge separately for an improved and dedicated IT Security or Cyber Security division which focuses purely on your Cyber Security requirements.  These put upwards of £150 onto your monthly IT Support costs.

So in summary.

PAYG although cheaper in the short term, may end up costing you with continued and repeat visits.  Typical Price – £75 Per Hour

Managed Service IT Support:  Varying levels of support costs based upon response times, number of devices covered, SLA or Service Level requirements and what elements are included.

Typical Price – £300 Per Month

Cyber Security Support: Again varies based on the number of devices and the level of service that you require and of course, what is actually being looked after.

Typical Price – Upwards of £100 Per Month

Computer Rescue offer a complete range of IT Support and Cyber Security Services, all priced according to your requirements and needs of the business.  All of our IT Support and Cyber Security Services are tailored and bespoke to your individual company and as a result the pricing will vary dependent upon need.

Computer Rescue was set up to prevent Small – Medium business being ripped off with unnecessary IT Support costs and as a company its important that we gain and cultivate our business relationships with our customers and not just their wallet.

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