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Cybercrime doesn’t affect my small business. Until then it did…

Small business cybersecurity is still a problem. 7 out of every 10 companies that we have spoken with recently thought that they had sufficient cybersecurity defences in place or that they were too small to be of interest. (or to be honest, just thought someone else took care of it for them)?

I expect that burglar alarm companies have similar numbers.

To get straight to the point, Cybercrime is everywhere, and you need to do everything that you can to minimalise your business’s exposure to it.  That means taking care that your small business cybersecurity is not only documented but also actioned.

We talk to small businesses on a daily basis and have highlighted the dangers of non-existent cybersecurity.

Let’s take a look at just 3 of the responses that we had from small businesses when we ask the question:  What is your perception of cybercrime and what cybersecurity measures does your small business have in place?

But what would actually happen? They can’t access my bank account.

Have you seen the emails asking employees in the accounts department to send money to a client who all of a sudden has a new bank account?  How many times do you think unsuspecting employee’s action that?

They can’t steal anything with my passwords

Have you seen it when they put an email forward on your emails, without you knowing and send all of your emails to a direct competitor?  – incidentally, they are unlikely to tell you all the while they can see what you are sending, what clients you have etc.

They can’t do anything. My online profiles aren’t worth anything.

Really? Have you seen what happens when someone unethical “pretends” to be you and signs up and purchases all kinds of dangerous and illegal items and services across the world? Sure, it may not come to you directly, but imagine if you had to try to clear your name.

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Kent’s small businesses at risk of cyber attacks from Russia and China


To be clear, we’re not telling you this to invoke scare tactics or to frighten you into anything, Just be aware, this is real and its happening right now to small businesses across the UK and you really need to be doing something about it to protect your own small business.

Install the alarm before you get burgled.

Steps to stop cybercrime:

  • Good, working, up to date anti-virus and Anti-malware software.
  • Be vigilant and if you don’t know the sender or it looks even the slightest bit suspect, then don’t click it (however tempting)
  • If you are targeted with something more serious like a brute force attack (where your server is bombarded with username/password login attempts, block their IP address
  • Do you work with countries from the old eastern block or china? No? block them
  • Scan your systems regularly.
  • Conduct Dark Web scans to see if any of your passwords have been compromised and are available on the internet.
  • Check your email for automatic forwarding accounts.
  • Don’t send money to a client’s proportion to have a “new bank account” without phoning them first
  • Set up some cyber training for you and your team to ensure they know what to look for.
  • Have someone monitor your systems for any sign of cyber-attack 24/7/365 (it doesn’t sleep)
  • Have a robust working backup, at least daily, (that you’ve checked works by way of regular test restores)
  • Make certain that you use strong passwords and that you don’t use the same one for multiple things.
  • Ensure that your software is updated to the latest version. They release security updates all of the time.
  • Complete regular Cyber Training to ensure that you are aware of the new and current trends.
  • Keep your social media separate – personal and business. Social media is one of the main sources that can be trolled to get further information on you. For example, your pet dog’s name that you use as a password.
  • Be vigilant when using public wifi networks. Don’t update passwords or fill in personal information forms when connected to them. (additionally, when using these networks, be careful who is physically sitting or standing next to you, what can they see you typing)?
  • Be strict with employees and their ability to install software onto their work pcs and laptops. Set up access rights and security across all platforms.
  • Use two-factor authentications wherever possible. Most access software, (Office 365, bank accounts, have this in place already, but it’s not everywhere).
  • Download our FREE 51 Network and Cyber Security Tips.  Full of FREE practical tips that you can start implementing into your small business today.

Read our featured article on KENT ONLINEKent’s small businesses at risk of cyber attacks from Russia and China

The simple truth is that if you do find yourself a victim of some form of cybercrime it can be really damaging, both in terms of actual theft and on your mental health.  So, get clear on what you need to do to prevent it and stop trusting that fate has your back.  Small Business Cybersecurity doesn’t have to cost the earth either. Neither does it have to be enterprise-level security measures. Sometimes even simple cybersecurity procedures can make a huge difference.




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