Computer Rescue Referral Scheme

Do you know a company that could use a little help with their IT and/or Cyber Security?  Perhaps they have outgrown their existing support service and are looking for an expert team of IT Support Engineers to help them grow?

Simply refer any company with 5 or more computers to us for a FREE Network & Cyber Security Assessment (£300 value) and once we have completed their assessment – we will send you a £25 gift card as a thank you.

Wait! There’s more…..

If the company that you have referred to us signs a support or security contract with us, once they have been with us for 30 days, we will send you another gift card (£50 this time!) as a thank you.

That’s £75 to you for referring a company that contract with us for IT support or Cyber Security Services. You can refer as many companies as you like – we’ll keep sending the gift cards!

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