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Password Managers – Should You Use Them?

Password managers have been around for a while.  You can generally get them these days on most, if not all, devices and operating systems.  But are they any good?  And can they really help in the fight against cybercrime?

If you put someone on the spot and ask them to think of a new password, the majority of people will struggle at first, then stumble and finally either give you a password that they’ve used already or will revert to the usual suspects of pet names, favourite sports teams or their date of birth.  Unfortunately, these passwords are not the best and are usually pretty insecure.

Password managers do the heavy lifting for you.  They are used to auto-generate a password to your given specifications.  The number of characters used, upper case, lower case, symbols etc.  They will even ask you to what level of complexity you require and will self generate the password for you.  All sorted securely in a convenient app on your smartphone (or on your PC/Laptop).

The real beauty of using a password manager is that you only really need to remember one (the one for the app) and even these now utilise modern security methods such as biometric controls (thumbprint) or Face Scanning to give you access, meaning that you don’t even need to remember the main password at all in most cases!

As the passwords contained with the manager are all different for each login that you require (or they really should be).  In the event of a password breach, you simply only need to change the ss the password manager itself,  (instead of panicking and changing all of your logins because you have the exact same password for each website and application)!

The password manager can (and should) be backed up securely and encrypted so that you can access as the need arises.

“But what happens if I forget my password to the manager?” Do you ask? Well quite simply. Don’t.  They are supposed to be almost impossible to get into if you forget your log in credentials.

Here’s what the NCSC has to say about password managers.


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