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Microsoft Office Cheat Sheets

Sometimes finding your way around popular Microsoft software packages can be a little daunting.  How do you ensure that you have properly saved the file that you are working on?  How do you get a presentation to autoplay?  In teams, how do you record the meeting to review again at a later date? Microsoft Office Cheat Sheets may be the answer.

Microsoft have released a number of “Cheat Sheets” that help to show you around the software and highlight the main areas which will allow you to get more use out of them on a daily basis.

Click to download below:

Windows 10:

Windows 10 has brought with it numerous upgrades in terms of usability and security.  Incorporating the latest Cortana digital assistant, a faster, more versatile browser, Microsoft Edge, and its compatibility with additional Microsoft products such as Office 365 and cloud storage solution, One Drive.

Windows10_Keyboard_s Computer Rescue IT Support Kent

Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts


Microsoft Outlook:

Outlook is Microsoft’s Flag Ship email program.  Used by many businesses to collaborate, schedule meetings and appointments, grow and maintain to-do and task lists, to keep in touch with prospects and business contacts and of course to send and receive email.

outlook_s - Computer Rescue IT Support Kent

Microsoft Outlook for Windows

Outlook Mail for Windows

Outlook Calendar for Windows

Outlook_Mac_s - Computer Rescue IT Support Kent

Microsoft Outlook for Mac

Outlook Mail for Mac

Outlook Calendar for Mac

There are also mobile versions available:

Outlook for ios

Outlook for Android

Microsoft Excel:

Microsoft Excel is used to create spreadsheets by businesses the world over. Accounting, budgeting, forecasting, all can be set out and updated to help track your business growth.

Excel_s - Computer Rescue IT Support Kent

Microsoft Excel for Windows

Excel_Mac_s - Computer Rescue IT Support Kent

Microsoft Excel for Mac

Microsoft OneDrive:

Microsoft OneDrive is a cloud-based storage service.  Generally used in conjunction with Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft OneDrive offers a simple way to store, share, and sync your files with the cloud. Microsoft OneDrive can also be utilised a cloud-based backup for your data.

onedrive_s - Computer Rescue IT Support Kent

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneNote:

Microsoft OneNote is a digital notebook that you can use to insert text, images, weblinks and files.  Just like a normal notebook, Microsoft OneDrive is used to store notes and working information in one handy location.

onenote_s - Computer Rescue IT Support Kent

Microsoft OneNote for Windows

Onenote_Mac_s - Computer Rescue IT Support Kent

Microsoft OneNote for Mac

Microsoft Powerpoint:

Microsoft Powerpoint is a presentation program designed to create slides for presentation purposes.  Often used in business, it can also be used for education and other information purposes.

powerpoint_s- Computer Rescue IT Support Kent

Microsoft Powerpoint for Windows

Powerpoint_Mac_s - Computer Rescue IT Support Kent

Microsoft Powerpoint for Mac

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a video conference program designed for team collaboration.  Utilising both audio and video for meetings, you can also share whiteboards and files with those on the call.


Teams_s - Computer Rescue IT Support Kent

Microsoft Teams


Microsoft Sharepoint

Microsoft Sharepoint is a website application, principally used for company intranets the world over.  Used as a document storage site, allowing team sharing and collaboration.


Sharepoint_s- Computer Rescue IT Support Kent

Microsoft Sharepoint Online




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