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Managed IT Services or Pay As You Go. What’s best for my business?

What is the difference between Break-fix (Pay as you go) and Managed IT Services?


(Pay-as-you-go) is essentially paying an IT engineer for his/her time to “fix” your problem.  This could be a one time fix for a PC upgrade for example, or it could be over a set number of hours for a network upgrade.  Sometimes, Break-Fix can be paid for in blocks of time, where you would potentially negotiate a discounted rate based on the purchase of guaranteed hours.

Managed IT Services:

Under a Managed IT Services contract, your IT engineers will become your IT department.  They will take responsibility for your entire IT network and will maintain, install and configure whatever is required to ensure that you continue to run smoothly.  Included in most managed services contracts are provisions for both onsite and remote support, cybersecurity, backup solutions, and consultative meetings.  Managed IT Services are usually paid for on a monthly basis over an agreed contract term.

What’s the best solution to have in place?

Well, there are several reasons for choosing either a break-fix or a Managed IT Service Solution.  Here are some of the pros and cons.


(Pay per hour) As this is a pay as you go solution, you may benefit from this if you have competent IT staff already on your team but require some assistance due to time or specific skill shortage. Such as configuring a new firewall or upgrading the network infrastructure.  As break-fix is reactive rather than proactive, many cases of break-fix support are as a result of an issue that has already taken place and you simply require a “fix” for it.

Which is all well and good, however, once the “fix” has been applied, there is no guarantee that it won’t happen again later down the road.  As traditional “Break-fix” options do not include monitoring or regular updates.  Break-fix is also based on time, so often it is understandable that you may “clock watch” when the engineer is working, simply to ensure that he/she doesn’t take too long to resolve the problem.  Finally, break-fix rarely comes with dedicated response times, meaning you could be waiting up to 48 hours for an engineer.

Managed IT Services

(Contracted Service) As the name suggests is usually a fixed-term contract with an outsourced IT company that will in effect become your own IT department.  They will operate under a service level agreement (SLA) and will adhere to agreed response times, often between 30 mins and 4 hours.  Usually, a Managed IT Service Provider (MSP) will take care of your entire IT network, be on hand to ensure required updates and security patches are taken care of, will monitor your network 24/7 to ensure that any issues are identified and resolved as quickly as possible, and will be there for any general IT maintenance that is required.

In addition, Managed IT Services often come with additional services, such as managed backup, antivirus, spyware, and ransomware detection and removal, dark web scanning looking to see if any of your password and/or log-in credentials have been compromised, and of course data monitoring.  Cyber Security Services are now very much at the forefront of most Managed IT Services Solutions.  Keeping a close eye on any activity across your network and devices which may lead to a data breach or cybersecurity attack.

Managed IT services contracts will also cover daily problems such as employee password changes, lost device data wiping, new hardware installation and set up, etc.  The managed IT services engineer is there to ensure that your IT network is maintained and protected as part of the contract.



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