Small Business IT Support Questions Answered

Does your IT Support Company have the key to your kingdom?

Let me ask you a question. “If your IT company closed down, moved away or simply stopped supporting your network, would you know where all of the passwords and data was kept?” Would you know where the software licenses are, how the disaster recovery worked and how to access your cloud backup?  How about your […]

Which is best? Outsourcing vs Inhouse IT Support

Outsourcing vs in-house IT – Which is best for you? So, you’ve got a business, maybe it’s started to grow, and you are now at the stage where you need some help looking after your I.T. network.  Do you hire an in-house IT person? or do you outsource to an established IT Managed Service Provider? […]

Small Business IT Support Pricing – What to expect to pay

Small Business IT Support Pricing in Kent: The Predominant IT Service Models Explained Before you can accurately compare the fees, services, and deliverables of one IT services company to another, you need to understand the 3 predominant service models most of these companies fit within. Some companies offer a blend of all 3, while others […]

Microsoft Office Cheat Sheets

Sometimes finding your way around popular Microsoft software packages can be a little daunting.  How do you ensure that you have properly saved the file that you are working on?  How do you get a presentation to autoplay?  In teams, how do you record the meeting to review again at a later date? Microsoft Office […]

Do I Still Need a Server for my Business

With many companies making the shift to cloud solutions the question is always asked: “Do I Still Need a Server for my Business” whether a physical, on-premise server is really still required. If you’re wondering what the answer is, simply put, unfortunately, there is no definitive choice.  it’s both yes and no, and it is […]

What is Disaster Recovery

What is Disaster Recovery? Disaster recovery is a plan to anticipate potential problems and/or disasters that could happen to your IT systems, networks, infrastructure, communications, and data. This could be as a result of a natural disaster such as flood or as a sustained attack from Cybercriminals. Having a Disaster Recovery Checklist in place will […]

Is Microsoft Office 365 Secure? What Can I do to Make it Even More So?

Microsoft Office 365 takes the security of its services very seriously. With a large customer base worldwide, Microsoft Office 365 can sometimes be at the forefront of cyber-attacks, simply due to the number of people that use it. Let’s take a look at some of the safeguards that are included straight out of the box. […]

Laptop or Desktop? Which is better for everyday work?

Laptop or Desktop? To be honest, it really does depend on your current work situation and requirements, your daily routines and the type of work you do. There is no definitive answer to which is better for work, a laptop or desktop? As most of the time, it simply comes down to personal preference, however, […]

Why do I need Cybersecurity in place? What happens if I don’t have any?

What happens if I have no Cybersecurity in place? Having no Cybersecurity in place is like leaving the door to your house wide open when you go out! Look at these common Cybersecurity terms, I’m sure that you are familiar with most: Virus Worm Trojan DDOS Malware Ransomware Phishing Spoofing Credential Harvesting Black Hat Breaches […]

Managed IT Services or Pay As You Go. What’s best for my business?

What is the difference between Break-fix (Pay as you go) and Managed IT Services? Break-fix (Pay-as-you-go) is essentially paying an IT engineer for his/her time to “fix” your problem.  This could be a one time fix for a PC upgrade for example, or it could be over a set number of hours for a network […]

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