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Laptop or Desktop? Which is better for everyday work?

Laptop or Desktop?

To be honest, it really does depend on your current work situation and requirements, your daily routines and the type of work you do. There is no definitive answer to which is better for work, a laptop or desktop? As most of the time, it simply comes down to personal preference, however, here are some of the key points we can address before making a final decision.

Travelling Daily or Office Based

Let’s get the obvious choice out of the way straight out of the gate. If your job involves quite a lot of travel or requires you to have no fixed desk, then something portable will be a much better option than a fixed desktop. Provided the laptop has the specification and capability to run all of the software that you require for your daily tasks.

Business Applications

For daily office use, if you use hardware intensive software applications such as AutoCAD or other processor hungry software, then a desktop may be the better option, certainly from a cost and upgradability point of view.

You can certainly get laptops that have the specification to deal with demanding applications, however, to purchase a high-end laptop capable of running large applications pricing can be well into the 1000’s of pounds, similar build desktops, however, can be much cheaper certainly offer a pricing advantage.

It’s worth noting that some laptops are also well known for having poor airflow throughout their structure and as a result do tend to overheat after long and heavy use, which may lead to component damage.  Investing in a portable cooling pad can assist with this and take care of excessive heat.


Desktops can be upgraded far more easily than laptops and with more options. Typically, laptops are more limited when it comes to upgrading components.  Generally speaking, common components on a laptop that can be upgraded are the hard drive and RAM.

On a desktop, however, the motherboard, RAM, hard drive, graphics card, sound, network, USB connection, etc., can all be upgraded with additional internal components, e.g. DVD drive, can be added (provided the desktop case has the appropriate spare hardware slots).

Laptops usually do not have the capacity to have any additional internal components added.  Certainly, something to consider if you feel that you may require an upgrade in the near future.

Something else to point out, that whilst desktops come with both keyboard and mouse as standard, with laptops you will generally have a touchpad.  Additionally, a good number of standard laptops will be missing the number keypad.  However, these can be added via USB if required.


Desktop PCs are much easier to physically maintain, repair and clean than their laptop counterparts.  Unfortunately, with a laptop, even a simple hardware issue, may involve you sending it away for costly repairs.  With a Desktop machine, it’s pretty straightforward to take the side off of the case to clean, remove the dust, or for simple maintenance.


So, it really does depend on your situation and what you need to use one for.  It’s a little like comparing apples to oranges, even though they are both fruit and they both grow on trees, they are entirely different.  Which is the same for Desktops and Laptops.

For portability, then the obvious choice is a laptop.  If upgradability is key, then whilst both will help to achieve this, a desktop is far more upgradeable than a laptop.  If price is the main concern, then desktops are generally cheaper than laptops and will deliver more bang for your buck.


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