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Honestly, Why should I worry about a data breach?

My data isn’t medical or financial, besides it won’t happen to me.

Are you like many small business owners throughout Kent and indeed the world, that think a data breach, hacker attack or ransomware attack won’t ever happen to them?  Maybe its because you think that your business is too small for a hacker to bother with?  Maybe you think that your company data would not be of any interest to them. So why would they waste their time targeting you?

Just to be clear, these cyber-attacks are not the result of some spotty teenager in Russia or China sitting in a dark room in their favourite smelly hoodie that they haven’t changed out of in the past week, burger wrappers and coke cans all over the place, just trying it on to see what they can get.

These cyber-attacks are coordinated software attacks, intelligent code that has been written and automated in order to locate and disrupt their next cyber victim.

These algorithms can search for and attack thousands of networks across the globe in a matter of minutes.  In most cases, they have no clue whatsoever who you or your business are or what you do. Neither do they care.

The software simply scans the internet for open ports, networks, and available shares, then once a suitable opening is discovered, it will begin to inflict its untold damage, locking or stealing your data and compromising your network.

What on earth would they want with my data?  It’s not worth anything to anyone else.

This is a standard and unfortunately, outdated way of thinking for the majority of small business owners.

For most business owners, it’s not their own Personal information that causes the most concern for them. (most people see so many data breaches these days and there is seemingly no effect to them, that they have kind of lost interest). But that of their clients and customers.

But tell me this, if you knew your accountant had a data breach and your information was in there, would you be tempted to change companies?  What about if your local CCTV company got hit? Or even your vehicle company showing the hacker not only what you drive but where you live? Would you feel vulnerable? Would you likely use or recommend them again? Or are you more likely to tell everyone you know about the breach and to avoid them?

According to a new study, 58% of UK citizens experienced a data breach in the past twelve months

So, the real questions are: Not only is your own data secure (although it definitely should be and you should be taking steps to ensure that it is), but what of your business and that of your customers? Is that data safe and secure?

 What would happen in the event of a data breach in your business?

  • What would happen to your business reputation?
  • Can you honestly guarantee that your business would not be affected in any way in the event of a breach?
  • And is your reputation as a top company protected?

So why should you care exactly?

  • If your company is deemed to be unsecure, then clients and customers are going to worry about it.
  • If your company is deemed to be unsecure, then potential companies have a choice and will avoid you in favour of a competitor.

OK, I get that, how does that affect my business?

  • How many of these customers does it take to leave before you no longer have a viable business? How long before it affects your turnover and profits and your company’s ability to function

It’s the bigger picture here that you need to look at.  Not the question of worrying about your own name and address being hacked from some online retailer, but what happens to your business, directly to your business, if you are a victim of a ransomware/hacker attack and you expose your client and customer data as result.

So what can I do about it?

Protect your client/customer data.  If your network is safe and secure, then your customers will continue to have trust in your ability to look after their information.  It also has another effect.  It makes you happy that you are safe and that your network is secure.  When talking to potential new clients, to be able to state quite categorically that you have a safe and secure IT environment and that they can rest assured that every possible care is taken with protecting their information. It’s a terrific selling point. Some even make this part of their company unique selling point (USP).

OK, I get it. What now?

This article isn’t written simply to be all doom and gloom or to use scare tactics in any way.  It’s been written because we’ve seen it happen so many times and as a business owner its frightening.

Our FREE IT Network and Cyber Security Assessment takes all of the pain and worry out of knowing if your IT network is safe and secure.  Keeps your clients happy in the knowledge that you are looking after their information whilst making it super easy for you to identify any holes that need plugging across your network.

Let us help you at least check the processes that you have in place currently to see if there are any gaps, then if necessary, help you to sort those out.


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