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GDPR for Pubs and the Hospitality Industry Made Easy

On 4th July 2020, Pubs, Restaurants, and Hotels begin to come out of lockdown.  Whilst there are some new rules and guidelines that will need to adhere too, it is an exciting opportunity to re-start. An opportunity to engage once more with your customers and of course begin to re-build your business and your profits.

Some of the new rules and regulations are:

  • Adjusted for Social Distancing
  • PPE and Sanitisers Available
  • Clear Signage and Protective Screens
  • Table Service Wherever Possible
  • Facemasks to be worn in public areas (Hotels)

However, there is now an added requirement. Collection of Personal Identifiable Information (PII) in other words, Peoples’ names and contact details in case of an infection.

Collecting people’s ID or (PII) comes under the rules of GDPR.  Which compliance can be enforced by quite hefty fines of 20 Million euros or up to 4% of company turnover.  Something that you can well do without, especially when you are working all hours to get back on your feet.

Here at Computer Rescue, we have put together a 7 Day GDPR Made Easy Guide especially for the Pub and Hospitality Industry (although it will work for all other industries too).

It’s a FREE download to help you to get your Data Protection in order and avoid any unnecessary fines.

So let’s put GDPR into very simple terms here:  If you require the full wording please visit ICO website here:

  • What type of data do you collect?
  • Why do you need to collect it?
  • Where do you store it?
  • Who has access to the information?
  • Are there legal reasons that you need to keep the information?
  • How did you collect the information?
  • What are you using the data for?
  • Do you have a privacy policy telling people how you are using their data?
  • What if you need to delete the data?
  • How is data safely deleted?
  • Can you remove someone’s data when asked across all stored areas?

A simple way to begin to achieve GDPR compliance.

  • Know what data you need to collect and collect only that.
  • Make sure that you store the data safely – lock away any paperwork / encrypt laptops and hard drives / Use a safe if you have one.
  • Make sure you have a privacy policy in place explaining why you need the data, how you store it, where it’s stored, and who has access. It’s also a good idea to add a “How we remove your data” section.
  • Make sure that you ask for permission to take the users’ data and to store and use it.
  • Assign a Data Processing Officer (Someone who is in charge of GDPR for your organisation).
  • Pay ICO – Data Protection Fee to handle data

Download our 7 Day GDPR Made Easy Guide for Pubs and the hospitality industry Now.  It explains GDPR in simple terms with no legal-speak insight!

Download for FREE now. Inside You’ll Discover:

  • How to Identify what personal data you have and where it resides
  • How does GDPR apply to your pub, restaurant, or Hotel, and to what extent?
  • Understand what personal data you have, how you collect it, and where it is stored.
  • How do you safely store Personal Identifiable Information (PII)?
  • What are the rules regarding CCTV?
  • What if I need to remove/delete someone’s data?
  • What about staff training? What do they need to know?



GDPR Made Easy Pub and Hospitality