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Cyber Aware – Lockdown Attacks

In light of the NSCS recent Cyber Aware campaign, in which the UK Government is offering advice on how to stay safe online during the Coronavirus pandemic.  In this post, we highlight some of the latest figures for Computer Rescue highlighting the ever-growing problem, during Cyber aware week.

Since lockdown began 4 weeks ago, there has been a massive surge in the number of hacking attack attempts from rogue IP addresses across the world.  All trying desperately to hack into your workstation or take over your server, hold you to ransom and cause complete havoc in a time, when, quite frankly, we could all do with a break from worry.

These attempts to circumvent your cybersecurity are not new, however during a time when we are all online that little bit more and using things like social media to kill time and catch up on the latest news.  The opportunity for you to accidentally click a link, use the same password or forget to backup your data is extreme.

The latest Cyber Aware campaign is asking you to do these 6 things.  Full details can be found NCSC website – Cyber Aware.

  • Create a separate password for your email
  • Create a strong password using 3 random words
  • Save your passwords in your browser
  • Turn on two-factor authentication
  • Update your devices
  • Turn on backup.

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Since lockdown began 4 weeks ago, the stats have been alarming.  Here are some of our own figures:

CR_Cybersecurity Attacks Infographic

The Cybersecurity threat to both business and individuals is real and very credible.  Trouble is we all get caught up in our everyday lives and adopt the attitude of “It won’t happen to me”.

Unfortunately, it would appear that the longer we are in this situation, the more vulnerable we are becoming.

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